Bride Groom Dance Video: In this video, it can be seen how the groom steals the heart of his bride along with his friends on the stage itself. Whoever saw the video could not live without praising it.

Bride Groom Dance Video: What to say about the video related to marriage, whenever they come, they create a ruckus. Sometimes the dance videos of the bride and groom become viral on seeing the funny videos of the wedding processions.

In today’s weddings, the bride and groom show one style to another, which is made on sight. Now again a video has surfaced, in which the groom along with his friends impresses the bride on the wedding day. He starts dancing Pushpa on the stage itself. Seeing which everyone gets impressed.

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Pushpa fever on the groom

In this video that is going viral on social media, it can be seen how after Jaimala, all the friends of the groom climb on the stage. Then all together start dancing Srivalli on the song of Pushpa film.

The bride becomes very happy seeing this style of the groom and his friends. Her smile is telling how happy she is. Several months have passed since the release of the film Pushpa, but its euphoria is still on people.

wedding video went viral

Everyone is very fond of this dance video of the groom and his friends. This video has been posted on Instagram account named navin_anna__fanpage. The video has got millions of likes along with getting millions of views so far. Social media users are busy giving their reactions after watching this video.


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