Mangalwar ke Upay

Mangalwar ke Upay: Tuesday is called the day of Lord Bajrang Bali i.e. Hanuman ji. On this day, you should not do any forbidden work even after forgetting it. By doing this, trouble can start in the house.

Mangalwar ke Upay: Today is Tuesday (Mangalwar). This day is considered dedicated to Lord Bajrang Bali i.e. Hanuman ji. On this day people go to the temple with reverence and worship Bajrang Bali. However, there are some such works, which are forbidden on this day. Let us know what are those tasks, whose doing on Tuesday can lead to inauspicious instead of Mars.

Do not do hair cutting on Tuesday

Shaving or hair cutting should be avoided on Tuesday. It is not considered auspicious to do this on this day. By doing this, many calamities fall on the person and the work being done can get spoiled. Therefore, it would be better if you avoid these tasks on Tuesday.

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If you are a non-vegetarian or occasionally consume non-vegetarian food, then on Tuesday (Mangalwar) control yourself and do not eat non-veg even by forgetting. By not doing this, you will not get any fruit of Tuesday worship. Along with this, you will also become a part of bad omen.

Avoid buying a new house and worshiping the land

Hanuman ji is considered to be the son of the land. Therefore, neither buy a new house on Tuesday nor get the land worship done to build a new house. By doing this many diseases enter the house and financial crisis also starts in the family.

Avoid buying iron goods or black colored clothes on Tuesday. It is considered inauspicious to do so. Instead, wear orange or red clothes on Tuesday. Bajrang Bali likes red color very much, so wearing red colored clothes on this day also reduces the effect of Mangal Dosha.

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don’t buy any accessories

On the day of Lord Hanuman i.e. Tuesday, one should not buy any items of adornment or glass. It is believed that by doing this, quarrels start between husband and wife. Along with this, there is also a loss of money in the house.

donate these things

If you look at astrology, you can donate copper, saffron, wheat, red sandalwood, red rose, vermilion, honey, red flowers, lentils, red kaner, red chili and red stone on Tuesday. You can also donate red fruits and red colored clothes on this day. You get very virtuous results of this donation and all your wishes get fulfilled.

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