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Astrology Tips: The special importance of every metal has been told in astrology. Iron is believed to be related to Shani Dev. Horseshoe is used for advancement in job-business and to remove Shani Dosh.

Astrology Tips: New Delhi, Every metal has a special significance in astrology. Gold, silver, copper, brass and iron all belong to one or the other planet. According to the experts of astrology, iron is the favorite metal of Shani Dev. Many times it is advised to wear a horseshoe for relief from Shani’s pain. Let’s know the benefits of horseshoe.

for shani dosha
According to astrology, putting a horseshoe at the main entrance of the house gives relief from the pain of Shani. Along with this, one also gets rid of Vastu defects. Apart from this, if the condition of Saturn is going on in the horoscope of a person, then putting a horseshoe in his bed gives freedom from Shani Dosha.

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for success in business

If you are not getting success even after all the efforts, then make a ring of horseshoe and wear it in the middle finger. It is believed that doing so brings success in the job. Apart from this, to achieve success in business, a black horseshoe should be established at the place of business. It is believed that doing so leads to financial success in business.

for profit

According to astrology, horseshoe can also be used for money gain. If a person wants to be blessed with wealth, then he should keep the horseshoe in the vault.

to get rid of disease

If any member of the family remains ill continuously, then take four nails made of horse-shoe, 1.25 kg of urad dal and a dry coconut, take it off the patient 11 times and throw it in a river. It is believed that by doing this one gets rid of the disease to a great extent.

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