New Organ in Human Body

New Organ in Human Body: Scientists have discovered a new organ in the human body. Till now medical science did not have any information about this organ and one of the reasons for this is its unique shape and type. Scientists have named this organ as Respiratory Airway Secretory (RAS).

New Organ in Human Body: A new organ has been found in the human body. Recently scientists have discovered this new organ and its job is to keep the respiratory system healthy. This new organ has given a new ray of hope to the scientists. They hope that this organ will help save patients who are suffering from smoking-related diseases. Many times the diseases caused by smoking take the lives of the patients.

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This organ is like a cell

According to the report of the Live Science website, this new organ found in the human body looks like a cell. Also, it is found in the thin and very delicate branches present in the lungs. Scientists have named this new organ as Respiratory Airway Secretory (RAS). RAS cells are like stem cells. These are called blank canvas cells, because they identify any new organ or cells inside the body.

According to the study published in the journal Nature, researchers found that RAS cells were dependent on the lungs. Because all their work goes through the systems related to the lungs. After this, the scientists took the lung tissue of a healthy person. After this the genes present inside each cell were analyzed, then RAS cells were detected.

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RAS cells were also found in mongoose

Professor Edward Morrissey of the University of Pennsylvania’s Perelman School of Medicine says that it was already known that the branches of the human lung, ie the passage of air, are different from the lungs of rats.

Due to the development of new technologies, we had the advantage that we were able to find this new cell. Now we were able to test his sample. Apart from humans, RAS cells have also been found in the lungs of ferrets, an animal of the mongoose species. These are very similar to the RAS cells found in humans.

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This is the job of RAS cells

RAS cells secrete particles that act as a lining for the fluid flowing into the bronchioles (the organs that exchange oxygen and carbon dioxide inside the blood). Due to which the capacity of the lungs increases. They function like progenitor cells i.e. alveolar type-2 (AT2) cells. This is a special type of cell, which releases chemicals to repair small cells that have been damaged.


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