International Labour Day 2022

International Labour Day 2022: Labour Day is celebrated every year on 1 May. Let us tell you today, what is the reason behind celebrating it, since when did it start and what is the theme of this year?

International Labour Day 2022 : Labour Day is celebrated every year on 1 May to pay respect to the workers. Also known as Labour Day, May Day. The purpose of this day is not only to give respect to the workers but also to raise their voice for their rights and give them all their rights. Let us tell you on Labour Day why Labour Day is celebrated on 1st May and what is the reason behind it.

History of labour day

On May 1, 1886, a movement was started in America, where all the workers came out on the streets and started raising their voice for their rights, because they were made to work 15-15 hours. During this, the police opened fire on some labourers, in which many labourers lost their lives and more than 100 labourers were also injured.

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After this, a meeting of the International Socialist Conference was held in 1889 and in this meeting it was approved to make every worker work for only 8 hours. Along with this, it was proposed to celebrate Labour Day on 1 May and it was also decided to give a holiday on 1 May for all the workers. After America, rules and regulations related to workers working for 8 hours were implemented in many countries.

Labour Day started in India in 1923

34 years after the beginning of International Labour Day in America, that is, from May 1, 1923, the celebration of Labour Day started from Chennai in India. Actually, during this a meeting was held under the chairmanship of Labour Kisan Party of Hindustan. This meeting got the support of many organizations and social parties, who were working to raise their voice against the atrocities and exploitation of labourers.

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During this, the red flag came into existence for the workers and this party was led by the leftists. Since then, Labour Day was celebrated every year on May 1 to fight for the rights of the workers and to stop the exploitation against them.

purpose of labour day

The purpose of celebrating International Labour Day every year on 1 May is to honor the achievements of workers and remember their contributions. At the same time, it is also necessary to raise voice for their rights and stop the exploitation being done against them.

what is special on labour day

On the occasion of International Labour Day, workers in many organizations are given one day off. Many programs are also organized in government and non-government institutions on this day. Not only this, many welfare schemes are also announced on this day, which is in the interest of the workers.

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theme of labour day 2022

The theme of this year’s Labour Day is Act together to build a positive safety and health culture.


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