Deshi bhabhi hot dance

Deshi bhabhi hot dance: The film “Kya Super Kool Hey Hum” was released in 2012, in which “Tusshar Kapoor and Ritesh Deshmukh” performed very well, the song “Shirt Da Button” of the film is evergreen even after so many years.

Deshi bhabhi hot dance: People’s feet start trembling as soon as they hear it, actress “Neha Sharma” has danced on this song and “Sonu Nigam” has lent her voice to the song.

People are making short clips of this song and making reels of videos and sharing them on social media. Today we are going to tell you that a similar video is going viral on Instagram of social media, on which a sister-in-law is seen dancing fiercely in a sari.

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Very funny videos of dance are also shared on social media. There are some videos which, on seeing it, become popular among the people and win the hearts of the users. At the same time, some videos do not even take people’s eyes off. Now watch this video itself, how a girl is dancing.

Watch Video :

For your information, let us tell you that this video has been shared from an Instagram account named @official_gayatri_korpe and the girl has captivated everyone in these videos. So far this video has been viewed more than 10 lakh times. So far this video has been liked by more than 99 thousand people.


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